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In Efrat. On The Eitam. Was returned ancient flock of sheep.


Once herded, in this very place, by the Patriarch Jacob.

Grandson of Abraham. Son of Isaac. 

   And Rebekah. 

Husband of Leah. 

   And Rachel. 

Brother of Esau. Father of Joseph, who dreamed great dreams. 

An heir to a stolen birthright. A lover of land. A slave to love. 

   Now a resident of Machpelah.

It is here on this hill, these special, sensitive, speckled and spotted species.

   Rare. Revered.

Are now herded by an Oleh. From South Africa. From the continent where Jacob died.

   Centuries before.

A simple reminder that wherever they may go, the Jewish people and their creatures, will survive when far away from, but always do 

   somehow, in some way 

return to their homeland.

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